Indiegogo Campaign of the week- KIA

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The date is September 11, 2001. A young Iranian boy “Kia” faces racism and isolation during his first day at an American public school. This film is a combination of “The Karate Kid” and "To Kill A Mockingbird." Confronting contemporary issues of bullying and prejudice, this movie utilizes a visual storytelling motif to reach a wide variety of audiences. "Kia" will be entered in film festivals for the opportunity to achieve critical acclaim and filmmaker recognition.   

I am Arya Moghaddam, a professional and passionate filmmaker with a knack for storytelling. I am currently attending the New York Film Academy to earn my BFA in filmmaking. My current project is a thesis film for the Academy. Based on my childhood experiences, this film will deal with issues such as isolation, bullying, and the surge of racism that swept America after the events of 9/11.


KickStarter Campaign of the Week- The ZEROES

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An Oceans 11 meets The Sandlot comedy about a couple of kids who band together to take on the neighborhood bullies.

The ZEROES is a comedy about dealing with bullies and not being afraid to pursue what you really want in life. The main story will follow the character of Julian, but the show will have an ensemble feel as the other characters come together to help Julian on his quest to win over Katy, the cutest girl in the neighborhood. The show will be shot in HD and will have a very stylistic and fast-paced feel too it. It will also include a message about dealing with bullies.

We want to create a very high quality product that looks like it cost thousands of dollars more than it actually did. Our goal is to enter film festivals with this project and eventually get long term distribution. We are incredibly ambitious and feel very confident in the project we want to make. With the budget we have set in place we will be able to do some great things AND if we are lucky to exceed our goal we will be able to include even more things like crane shots, stunts, possible name actor, and have money to invest in marketing and promotions. This is going to be big!


Indiegogo Campaign of the Week- Bizarre

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About The Film

Passion, triumph, and heartache. “Bizarre” takes a rare inside look at the lives of performers, instructors, and big top lovers working to keep the circus arts alive and thriving in America. The film follows rising star and world-renowned aerialists, acrobats, and clowns who have dedicated their lives to the circus. Part portraiture, part documentary, and part performance, this unique piece offers a window into what it really takes to become a professional circus artist.

“Run away and join the circus!” It sounds like fun and games, but it can be grueling and competitive. It takes more than talent and training to survive. And what’s vital to keeping the circus arts alive is cultivating the performers of tomorrow.

With guidance from world-class circus masters, “Bizarre” features promising youth performers in the Bay Area with serious dreams of working professionally in the circus. Through the Circus Center, San Francisco’s oldest 501(c)(3) non-profit circus performing arts education facility, both young and old enthusiasts strive to present the 1st Annual California Youth Circus Festival.

“Bizarre” is the next short project from Thirsty Girl Films shot on location at Circus Center in San Francisco, CA. April - June 2013.