Kickstarter Campaign of the Week- Monster of the Sky

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What could throw a proverbial wrench in the works of an elegant Clockwork Universe?  Love can.  And not just any love, but a forbidden love.  Can mechanical, predictable worlds survive the chaos of romance and betrayal brought on by two young lovers? 

MONSTER OF THE SKY is a mythical 10-minute sci-fi/fantasy film about a woman swept away to, and then held captive in, a palace in the clouds, her clockwork world interrupted by a handsome stranger from the sky. Enabled by the ghosts of her ancestors, our heroine embarks on a quest to punish her lover and captor, escalating to a spectacular final battle between them: a goddess of destruction and a mechanical winged warrior clash in the silence of deep space. It is a tale of love, revenge and closure.

Think Dark Crystal and Spirited Away meets Count of Monte Cristo.